What we believe.

  • The way Yale University invests its $17 billion endowment has a huge impact on the world.
  • Yale's educational and scholarly missions are based on strong values regarding the environment and society.
  • Therefore, Yale should incorporate these environmental and social values into its investment decisions.
  • Yale's current Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility—which was designed for this purpose in 1972—is no longer capable of fulfilling this essential function.

Who we are.

  • We are a growing group of Yale students and alumni that support student-written proposals that updates Yale's Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility for a modern endowment. This would be the first significant update to the committee in 37 years. 

Who we are not.

  • We do not oppose the modern approach to institutional investing of David Swensen and the Yale Investments Office. On the contrary, we have strived to develop a model of ethical investing that serves as a strong complement rather than an impediment to the Yale Model of institutional investing.

How you can get involved.